Ship's cabling

We can advise you on how to improve and maintain your rigging, rigging blocks, stitching, textile shackles, endless ropes. We renovate your boat's rigging


Get the most out of your line without the need to tie knots.


A well-made seam will make all the difference in times of stress for the corporal.

Textile Shackles

Fully reduced weight with the breaking load of a steel wire rope.
Cabuyería para barcos

Endless ropes

The most effective solution for some of your boat’s systems.

Halyards and Scots

We advise you on the type of rope that best suits your needs.

Rigging Inspection

Complete and exhaustive overhaul of manoeuvring and rigging of sailboats

Ship's cabling Products


If you need to replace your boat’s ropes, please contact us without obligation.

We have a wide range of boat fittings.

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