Rigging and masts

We carry out the entire process of manufacture, assembly and trimming of rigging and masts.

Rigging and unrigging

We carry out the entire process of dismasting and rigging of sailing yachts and catamarans.

  • Preparation for road transport and/or reception and complete assembly after road transport.
  • Technical advice: Study and design for the correct installation of masts in all types of sailboats.
  • Total dismantling of masts and booms for subsequent painting and electronics work.
  • Installations on new vessels.
  • We provide warranties for the brands we represent.
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Rigging Renovation

We offer a comprehensive service for the replacement of necessary rigging and accessories according to the specifications and recommendations of the boat manufacturer.

  • Rigging of wire rope rigging and textile rigging.
  • Replacement of cables and parts of standing rigging.

Rigging Inspection

Complete and thorough overhaul of all elements of manoeuvring and rigging on sailing yachts and catamarans.

  • Condition of mast: trimming, sulphation, spreaders, sheaves, fittings.
 Electrical installation in mast, lights, antennas, supports…
  • Condition of rigging: rust on wiring and terminals, structural cracks, blocked turnbuckles.
  • Condition of the piping system
  • Condition and operation of furlers, sails.
  • Condition of the boom and counter boom: sulphation, fittings…
  • Condition of the deck fittings: winches, sheaves, candlesticks, …
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Rigging and masts products


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